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Sample Analytical Drama Essay (Romeo and Juliet)

If you've been asked to write a drama essay, your goal should be to untangle the main characters and write about how they all worked together to make the play a success. While the analysis varies from drama to drama, there is a general structure that can help you write a drama analysis like a professional irrespective of the topic. Like every other essay, it should start with the introduction. This should be followed by the body and rounded up with the conclusion. You'll have to analyze the plot, characters, storyline, setting, and language.

Romeo and Juliet are one of the best plays ever written by Williams Shakespeare. It was adapted into a book and is still considered one of the best plays ever. In the play, the major characters, Romeo and Juliet, were star crossed lovers. The love between them was unconditional and true. However, both came from rival crime families and were unable to get the approval of their parents. The play was a hit because Shakespeare employed different narrative techniques, and included life lessons within.

Romeo and Juliet, unlike other characters in a typical love play, didn't get a happy ending. Friar Lawrence made an arrangement for both of them to be together. Lawrence created several plans that would allow Romeo to elope with Juliet. However, his plans were extremely dangerous increasing the suspense in the play. Readers started wondering what would happen next. While Lawrence's plans were dangerous, the last one would have been a success if there wasn't a small problem that spoiled everything.

Apart from the forbidden love theme, there was also some comic relief in the story even if it had a tragic end. One of the characters that provided comic relief was Mercutio. Even on his dying bed, he provided humor for the audience. The comic relief reduced the sadness in that particular scene. This was the same way his witty comments lightened the heavy theme of the play. Romeo, the major male character in the play, risked his life countless times for the woman he loved, Juliet. At the end of the day, both of them committed suicide and died in the arms of each other.

What We Learn From Romeo and Juliet

While the play has many important life lessons, the most significant is that violence doesn't solve anything. After years of endless violence, both families could not move forward and lives were lost. The play also teaches that love can be found in the most unexpected places. Parents learn not to control their children especially when it comes to choices about their love life.

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