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Efficient Essay Writing Tools You Should Try At Least Once

Essays have been and will be a part of your assignments irrespective of your institute and class. This seemingly unending onslaught of assignments in myriad topics, sizes and deadlines are often daunting and tedious. But you can make the process easier as well as improve on the quality of your writing if you take help of writing tools. These are software or apps which help you to organize, create and edit better. There are also custom proofreading services where you can get professional help 24/7. If you have not used them till now, then it‘s time that you try them at least once. Here are our recommendations –

  1. Vocabulary.com
  2. An increased vocabulary means that you don’t have to grope for the right word and express yourself better when you write. This website helps you learn words and increase your vocabulary. You have to give the site a list of words you want to learn and the site will design quizzes to help you digest them quickly.

  3. Phraseology.com
  4. This will come in handy if you own a smart phone or a tablet. This app has a text editor which allows you to write assignments straight from the smart phone or tablet. This means that you can write whenever and from wherever you feel like. You can even connect to any e storage and save your draft.

  5. Mindnode
  6. This is a wonderful app for organizing your ideas and thoughts. The tool helps you to form an outline from the multitude of ideas effectively. This app is particularly useful before you start your writing or research.

  7. Plagiarismchecker
  8. Plagiarism is totally unacceptable in any level of writing. This is a very helpful online checker and the main advantage is that you don’t have to download any software. Just copy and paste your essay in the designated box and within minutes it will be checked. If phrases or sentences turn red then they already exist and you need to rephrase them.

  9. Hemingway
  10. This app helps to make your essay more readable. The app uses color codes to highlight sentences that are complex and difficult to read. It also provides you with suggestions for simplifying sentences and solves several common grammatical errors. There is a grade level indicator which tells you how acceptable your essay will be to a particular age group of reader.

There are a number of other apps you can try. Most of them helps you to but doesn’t write the essay for you. You can even try a combination of different apps to write your essay and the result may be excellent.