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Top-Notch Essay Hints From Professional Writers

Though it has been said before that a pen is mightier than a sword, a pen alone doesn't make a professional writing. It takes a lot of creativity and a broad minded person to come up with a catchy and informative essay. Shakespeare for instance is well known for his captivating and educative literature books. Let us have a look at some of the hints that would elevate you to being an effective writer like him.

  1. Choose an interesting topic
  2. The choice of a topic has a great impact on the flow of ideas by the writer. The more interesting the topic is, the easier the flow of ideas throughout the essay. The topic should be such that it accommodates different ideas from general to a specific subject.

  3. Use a 5-paragraph essay
  4. Essay writing seems like an obligatory assignment for every student both in high school and college level. Although the college level papers are more advanced, the 5-paragraph format is a standardizing factor in both. This means that every single essay should include the following:

    • Introduction
    • Body 1
    • Body 2
    • Body 3
    • Conclusion

    With this kind of structure, it is really easy for the reader to navigate through the content and ideas presented in the essay.

  5. Include a thesis in the introduction
  6. The thesis is really critical in any given essay. It gives a direction of the entire story line and hence making it easier for the reader to navigate through the ideas. Make sure you keep it simple and that you state your stand in the thesis statement.

  7. Use correct formatting
  8. The first thing that most of the professors are keen about is the essay structure and style. They want to ensure that you have followed the correct format of the style you are using, whether MLA or APA style. Most of the times, the style that is to be used is included in the instructions. Everything else should be straight forward.

  9. Revise your essay thoroughly
  10. Spelling mistakes and typographical errors can make an interesting essay to be so boring to read. This is the main aim for revising an essay soon after writing. Besides the spelling errors, check to ensure that you have followed all instructions such as the formatting, number of words required, pages, the essay structure as well as grammatical errors. An essay from essaypro.com is free from so many mistakes and gives confidence to the reader in knowing that the writer knew what they were doing.